Some of our programmes

Technology-based  computing and STEM workshops, in curriculum time classes, specialist pre-school technology sessions and hundreds of after school activities are delivered each week to thousands of children by ComputerXplorers across the UK in the South and South West of the country as well as the Midlands, the London area, the North of England and Scotland and Wales.

We offer a huge range of technology based workshops, classes, activities and clubs including programming and coding, 3D and 2D animation, music technology, robotics, engineering, web design and digital literacy.

Here are just a few examples of the courses designed to ensure that  Primary School children sharpen their STEM skills and all children, from pre-schoolers up, develop a passion for technology that will really prepare them for the future.

Scratch programming for primaries across the UK

Programming and Coding for Primaries

ComputerXplorers is the leader in teaching programming and coding to primary school children across the UK. You are never too young to start!

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Augmented Reality Workshops for Primary Schools

Augmented Reality for Tablets

Our exclusive iPad tablet program features the 'magic' of Augmented Reality (AR). These powerful apps are a great way to get more value from your tablets.

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App Developer

Learn how to be an app developer and create your own smartphone apps. Get to grips with the essentials of designing and programming a mobile app.

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Child playing Kodu at ComputerXplorers Official Kodu Kup Training Partners

Programming Video Games with Kodu

Using XBox controllers as the means of programming their video game increases motivation levels and allows for rapid game development.

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Girls motivated to study computing using the microbit

Micro:bit for Primary Schools

Exciting, hands-on micro:bit classes and workshops for primary and secondary school children. Fun, physical computing and coding for all. School workshops, after-school clubs and more.

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ALICE creative programming and animation classes in [LOCALITY]

Creative Tech Class for Children

Looking for STEM+? Put the A into 'STEAM' with our creative coding and animation classes. Tell stories, build games, learn to program in this arts focused programme.

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Pre-school technology classes

Pre-schools Technology Classes

Computer classes for pre-school children focused on enabling children to develop core technology skills while nurturing their social skills in small hands-on groups.  

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2D and 3D Animation

ComputerXplorers offers a range of 2D and 3D animation workshops for children of all ages - including pre-school children! If you can imagine it you can create it!


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Young girl programming her own robot in classes in [LOCALITY].

Robotics Classes for Kids of all Ages

Fascinated by robots? You will love our fun robotics camps and classes. Design and customise; build and create; programme and control - our amazing Edison robots work at every level!

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Minecraft in Primary Schools

Game-based Learning with Minecraft Edu

Building a Minecraft world offers insight into the elements of survival, settlement and exploration and keeps the children observing, hypothesising, testing and always engaged.

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Python Programming

Ready to take a step up from block-based programming? Our Introduction to Python course is the best first step into 'real world' coding for Primary School children.

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Detective classes for Primary Schools

Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

Use logic, your senses and forensic science to solve crimes.  Learn how to work the field scene and the laboratory end of CSI using digital microscopes. 


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LEGO® robotics and engineering workshops for children

Robotics and Engineering using LEGO® Robotics

Build and program a robot! Develop STEM skills!

Use the latest LEGO® robotics technology to program sensors to make the robot react to its surroundings.


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web design course for primary school children

Web Design

Children design and build their own websites in this fun, high tech programme. Creativity and technology make for a powerful combination in this adaptable class.



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Alternative Energy Primary School Workshop

Renewable Energy Workshops

Get children hands-on with a variety of sustainable, renewable and alternative forms of energy. Energise your classroom with our innovative energy workshops.

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Film-making and TV production in Primary Schools

Film Making and TV Production

Would you like to be the newsreader, reporter or producer of a TV programme? Learn the skills you need to bring your idea to life on screen in our unique classes.

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children's clay animation stop-motion club

Stop-Motion Animation

Children get creative learning skills such as story-boarding and onion skinning to make their own stop motion films. A favourite class with all age ranges.


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Music technology classes for primary school children

Music Technology for Primaries

Become the ultimate music producer! Whether it's the first step in the School of Rock or a symphony for the school play anything's possible with music technology.


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SketchUp for Primary School Children - 3D modelling and CAD classes

3D Modelling and CAD

Create, modify and share amazing 3D models! This is a unique programme that will get children learning – and think they’re just having fun!


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